Experienced Environmental GIS Analyst

I am currently employed with the Mineral Resources Department as a Scientific Officer in the Environment Division and have been acting on the Senior Scientific Officer position for the last twenty (20) months.

My role enables me to provide scientific and technical advice to the Chief Environment Officer through close collaboration with subordinates and other stakeholders in management of the environmental and community policy and regulatory processes that encompasses River Sand & Gravel Extraction, Mining, Quarries, State Land & Foreshore Development in Fiji, while utilizing best practice in management applicable to the development involved.

For the past six months, my duties have mainly focused on leading the Environment team for environment monitoring of sand and river gravel extraction, quarries, mines, mineral exploration, foreshore and state land development and provide update on status of all operations to the Chief Environment Officer and other stakeholders for decision making. The monitoring inspection will ensure that all extraction activities are sustainable as this is a key role of the ministry for a sustainable economic development of our country and to effectively administer and regulate the land and mineral sector for a sustainable and resilient Fiji.

With the above reference, I believe I am capable to perform duties related to my expertise and knowledge to the best of my ability whilst focusing on help facilitate the goals in relation to environmental monitoring and scientific reporting to ensure sustainable development is achieved and  that will contribute to the overall output of the organization.


Last Resume Update April 8, 2021
Address SUVA, Fiji
E-mail v_dakuwaqa@yahoo.com
Phone Number 6798089638

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