Experienced Security and Access Officer

I am an adult, male former Cameroonian Police Officer, aged 47 years with the rank of Superintendent of Police, with sixteen (16) years of working experience in security and safety operations and training at national and international level.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Law and Political Science and certificates which are both UN and Non-UN oriented. The UN training include: BSAFE Course (2019), Safe and Secure Approaches in Field Environments (SSAFE-2015), Explosive Remnants of War Recognition Course, and Explosive Remnants of War Education and Firearms Safety Awareness Training (2015), Certified FPAT/AOC Instructor’s training (Entebbe-Uganda 2015), Security for Peacekeepers (2015). The Non-UN training include the following: Counter-Terrorism training (Cairo-Egypt 2019), International Refugee Law Course ( Sanremo-Italy 2015), Protection of Civilians in armed conflict Course (Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center Accra-Ghana 2014) and the Diplomas of the National Advanced Police Academy, Cameroon as Assistant Superintendent of Police (2003) and Superintendent of Police (2017) with my specialty being Public Security and Investigation.

In addition to my Educational background and training, I have a rich professional experience in the domain of security and safety operations for sixteen (16) years especially with regards to the supervision of security units under my control as well as the planning and conduct of security operations. I have a rich experience in collecting, analyzing and updating security information and to objectively produce in depth reports about the security situation to relevant stakeholders to facilitate decision making. I have assisted severally in joint operations meetings with other security stakeholders in my capacities as operations officer, district police officer, Local security Assistant for WFP as well as FPU Coordination Officer with UNAMID to support the emergency preparedness and disaster response management activities. This will consequentially facilitate access for safe programmed delivery and to mitigate potential risks against staff members.

I have sound knowledge in the implementation of Security Risk Management mechanism like the prevention of likelihood and mitigation of the impact of threats to personnel and facilities by applying the minimum operational security standards (MOSS), residential security measures, and relocation and evacuation procedures. I am equally very familiar  with the applicability of warden system and staff tracking for both international and national staff, the management of fire prevention and building emergency/evacuation procedures, guard force management, handling of security equipment and the monitoring and evaluation of office physical security measures.

I have enormous experience with regards to the protection of the population and their property by conducting dissuasive patrols and rapid intervention during an emergency; protection of public institutions through guard duties; protection of V.I.Ps and personnel of Humanitarian agencies/INGOs; conduct safety operations to assist persons in danger; assist in the preparation of security plans; report and conduct investigations on all security incidents involving my officers.

I also performed similar duties while on a UN peacekeeping mission (UNAMID) from November 2013 to November 2015 in my capacities as Patrol Officer, trainer and Formed Police Unit Coordination Officer for Central Darfur. During my tour of Duty with UNAMID, I had as duty to ensure the protection of UNAMID personnel and facilities; the protection of civilians and IDPs of Central Darfur and to facilitate humanitarian assistance by UN agencies for example, I frequently reported about the humanitarian needs of the IDPs which motivated the competent UN Agencies and INGOs to step in with food and humanitarian supplies. I also ensured the protection of humanitarian supplies as well as personnel of UN Agencies and INGOs charged with its distribution to the IDPs. In some cases, my team and I had to intervene to maintain order during the distribution process. I was equally a certified UN trainer as Formed Police Assessment Team/Assessment of Operational Capabilities (FPAT/AOC) Instructor in English and French. My experience as a trainer coupled with my very excellent interpersonal and communication skills in English and French with mastery in Computer Software Operations will buttress my skills to deliver security training to staff and review security training needs. I have a positive record of working in multicultural environments with very minimum supervision.

I have great respect for gender and diversity. I have proven ability of working under pressure and meeting scheduled deadlines. I am a fast learner with outstanding work ethics. I have a great sense of humor and easily adapt to new environment. I consider each day a learning opportunity.

I have driving experience for fifteen years with a category B driving permit. I am holder of a UN driving permit. I'm strongly of the conviction that, with the skill sets, educational background and training and professional experience, I'm strongly of the conviction that, with these skill sets, I will be eligible for this position.

Last Resume Update October 20, 2020
Address BUEA, Cameroon
E-mail ericondob@gmail.com
Phone Number 677356092

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